Connec to Brand Better

Premium Magnetic Pop Up Display

Connec takes the conventional pop up display to a whole new challenge and multinies it for better flexibility. It allows marketer to Connec, Expand and Extend to incorporate add-on system such as LED back lighting, monitor bracket kit, Shelving and any possible point of sale attraction you can think of to its original build up.


Connec Tower


LED Spotlight
Carry Bag

Counter & Table

Counter 1×2 Straight

80cm (W) x 35cmm (D) x 90.2cm (H)

Counter 2×2 Curve

130cm (W) x 48.2cmm (D) x 90.2cm (H)

Counter 2×2 Curve

58cm (W) x 58cmm (D) x 75.5cm (H)

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