Aluminium LED Exhibition system

Lumi System brings massive production values to trade show exhibits with even modest budgets. These tailored displays can help you create a face-to-face experience to stimulate sales, engage propects at exhibition, trade shows & events. to spolight your message in briliant colors with a punch even from a distance

Each section is fully assembled prior to shipping, however the booth can be disassembled if needed to space constraints under certain circumstances. Be captivated by how it illuminates a large area with a vibrant color wash and brings your exhibit to life. Making a smart choice to invest in a custom tailored design that can proves your company value and relevance.

Vibrantly irresistable that will take you to new heights.



LumiSystem Accesories

Mash Transparency Printing
Remote Control
Brochure Holder
LED Flood Light
Magic Tie for Printing
Lockable Storeroom Door
Table Top Counter
Display Cabinet

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