SEG Fastlite POP UP

Fabric Pop Up Display

Practical and great innovation for dye-sub print the mobile solution of SEG profile Flatter and straighter than fabric pop up. Fast set up, as easy as pop up; Flat and straight, as good as SEG profile. Light weight, 3×3 (225x225cm) only weighs 11kgs. Interesting accessories available, straight or Link solution, counter, spot light.


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For your convenience we provide artwork templates in Adobe Illustrator.

Prior to creating your artwork, please review our CRITICAL artwork submission notes:
  1. CMYK color
  2. Resolutions must be 150-300dpi
  3. All fonts must be created to outlines
  4. Embed all images in final document
  5. Save final document as PDF, EPS, PSD, TIF, AI for print
  6. Open template in Adobe Illustrator
  7. Retain the template as a layer
Artwork Guide SEG 1x3
Download AI File
Download PDF File
Artwork Guide SEG 2x3
Download AI File
Download PDF File
Artwork Guide SEG 3x3
Download AI File
Download PDF File

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