Folding Panel Display

MaxFold panel stands provides effortless fitting, easy portability and effective visual impact. Recyclable and reusable to suit your diverse branding needs. Choose from either single or double sided panels; extremely lightweight with mind graphics to captivate audiences. Application suitable for the retail environment, trade shows and exhibitions.



Shelving 610mm (l) x 250mm(W) 13mm chipboard
LED Downlight (white) 3 watt
LED Spotlight 12 watt
Brochure Holder A4 size
Wheel For Partition use only
Acrylic Tray 220mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 30mm(H). Maxload 1kg
Wall Mount TV Bracket 32 inch TV
Portable Partition Wall
Perforated 605mm(W) x 882mm(H) Maxload 30kg
Peghook 220mm(L) x 3mm(D) Maxload 1kg
Shelving Rail 8mm "U" mild steel Maxload 20kg

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